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As Pink Honey Moan, singer/songwriter Jared Lindbloom has embarked on a journey beginning on the rolling prairies of his home state of South Dakota to the eastern seaboard. Teetering between the dusty, folky, homespun songs of his early EP's and the electro-surf-rock & pop of bands FISHDOCTOR, Stargazy, and Tredmills, the music Lindbloom crafts as Pink Honey Moan wraps direct, heartfelt lyricism in swaths of washed-out electronics and soaring melody. Intimate and grand at turns, his songs off the forthcoming LP "Balance" (releasing fall of 2022) are a microcosmic reflection of the human condition.   


Comradery and collaboration were what was needed when Lindbloom first came to New York from South Dakota -- the rhythm of life soon found the respective band members drifting off into the world of marriage, family, and a steady paycheck. “I was the only one stubborn enough to continue pursuing music” says Lindbloom. “Making a solo record was a way for me to process this new chapter in my life.”


The bulk of Balance was written in Lindbloom’s in-laws' attic, where he was living with his wife and newborn. “We had a mattress on the floor because we couldn't get the bed frame up the narrow staircase'' laughs Lindbloom. “The carpet is 1970's mustard yellow, and the wood-paneled walls housed the many squirrels of the neighborhood. We were exhausted being new parents, but I would stay up late while my wife and child slept next to me, writing just to get my thoughts out.”


Naturally, a record written between two worlds is infused with a sense of searching. Looking for stability while wondering if it’s even possible. Working with visual designer, Johnniegirlart, Lindbloom developed a visual aesthetic for the record that echoes Marco Brambilla; using imagery that captures the two worlds we're continually wrestling between, one where truth and love reside and another that encompasses fear and unrest.


Recorded in both New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA, the record features production from John Clinebell and his mentor Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional). Lefler also contributes piano, drums, and bass. “This feels like the record I always wanted to make when I first started writing songs in my parents' basement as a teen” says Lindbloom. “Music has been my desired vocation for as long as I can remember, and this collection of songs is like chapters of my diary, spanning twenty years.”

Indeed, Balance is a record infused with wisdom, and attentive listeners will find their own realities, their everyday triumphs, reflected within. It serves as a gentle reminder that no one is without past faults and stumbles, and there’s always a path forward to a place in which the narrative can be re-written and the story changed.

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