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As Pink Honey Moan, singer/songwriter Jared Lindbloom has embarked on a journey beginning on the majestic rolling prairies of his home state of South Dakota to the eastern seaboard of NYC. The pendulum balancing his musical proclivities between dusty, folky, homespun songs on his early EP's as well as his electro-surf-rock & pop albums with the bands Fishdoctor and Stargazy, respectively.


Lindbloom has taken his cornucopia of influences which include: Bill Withers, Brandi Carlile, and Paul Simon to name a few, and his years of gigging around every nook, cranny, and venue of NYC, to bring you Pink Honey Moan.


The first single "Closer to You" off Pink Honey Moan's forthcoming album is out now on all streaming platforms. Lindbloom had the pleasure of working with producer John Clinebell (www.johnclinebell.com) and assistant engineer Vira Byramji (www.virabyramji.com).​